To know the working principle of a solar air-conditioner (AC), one must be aware of the working of a traditional air conditioner. For a traditional air conditioner, when cooling, the Freon (stable, nonflammable, low toxicity gases or liquids which have generally been used as refrigerants and aerosol propellants) is compressed into high temperature, high pressure steam.Then to condense, Freon becomes high pressure, normal temperature liquid. Then Freon turns to low temperature, low pressure liquid through decompression, after which, it is moved into the indoor unit to achieve cooling through heat exchange in the evaporator.
         Now for a Solar AC, the solar collector absorbs heat from the sun, after which, the high temperature, high pressure steam (Freon) comes from the compressor. Then, the Freon goes to the copper coil of the solar-collector for heat exchange. The solar-collector then turns Freon into higher temperature and higher pressure. In short, the solar-collector helps the compressor to increase the temperature and pressure. That is why solar ACs can save electricity and increase energy efficiency while cooling.
         Satisfaction of our customers is always key to our success. Hence, we have also found a solution to cancel the noise produced by traditional ACs. The anti-dust air filter keeps the air fresheners healthier and safe for use. Other attractive features include the digital e-touch, which makes it convenient for use and saves electricity. It's also embedded with a fluorescent button, which is visible at night.
         We offer the best branded compressor with high reliability and long life. The outdoor unit has a duel multifold heat exchanger with high quality internal thread copper pipe and hydrophilic foil,doubling the cooling capacity than a conventional AC.


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