For areas where grid power is not cost-effective or available, Simba Solar Solutions offers turnkey solutions for standalone solar PV systems, which include batteries, charge controllers, etc.This type of power plant also stores DC electricity in the batteries bank provided with the system. The addition of an inverter allows this system to convert DC electrical current coming from the batteries into AC (alternating current). Designing an off-grid solution begins with the deep understanding of our customers’ load profile and their expected usage of power.That’s why it is so important to design a system with the correct level of autonomy. It is also important the electrical plan for the premises is well thought-out and efficient, ensuring the load is as minimal as possible. Typically, we would also install a small standby solar power generator, designed to automatically kick-in when your battery storage reaches critical levels. Before any of this happens, we require the customer to answer a questionnaire, prepared by us, so as to gain full understanding of their requirement.


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