Ever imagined a scenario where you could use all the electricity you require and not worry about the number of zeroes that will be added to your bill at the end of the month? If you have, then On-Grid Solar PV System is that alternative you’ve been longing for. On-Grid Solar PV System can be used as a full turnkey solution for residential, commercial and agricultural purposes. We take care of the NOC process, installation, coordination of inspections, association approvals and installation of your new net meter. With ‘Net Metering’, the excess power your PV system generates can be traded for future credit on your utility bill. We comprehend that each client has distinctive vitality propensities, spending plans, desires and ways of life that should be considered before structuring an appropriate arrangement. With this in mind, Simba SolarSolutions can offer any high quality solar panel or inverter available globally, at extremely competitive prices.


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