A solar module, other than solar cell which actually generates power output also houses encapsulant(s), backsheet, solar glass (es), (anodized aluminum) frame and junction box. With the plethora of suppliers of each raw material (both locally and abroad) claiming their product’s superiority (both technically and commercially) over others, ensuring solar module producing power for 25 years (above a fixed percentage) could be a perplexing task.
    While each raw material used in solar module has a specific function, we believe that these 3 material i.e. backsheet, encapsulant glass are of prime importance and any effect on these could significantly affect the performance of entire power plant. Additionally they may significantly affect the LCOE of the power plant which may (sometimes) render the intended economics from the plant. This blog aims to educate its readers on the importance and effects of the three raw material on solar module.


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